New Nero, anyone try it? Changelog?

Anyone try the new Nero Anyone find a changelog yet?


Why don’t you try it yourself???
I can download the demo version and try it 30 days.

Or do you have an illegal key???

And if you wait ahead will always give a change log

Of course I bought it. I don’t like being the guinee pig though for software, I was hoping for some poor soul to try it out before I did. I will just wait for the changelog from ahead then.

I have been using it since the day it came out…at least 10 DVD movies and numerous music CD’s. I tend to test the daylights out of new versions when they come out…this version does alright! Not many 'big" changes in NeroVision Express…supposedly the big changes before December ends…


Thanks for letting me know!

Here is changelog. Hmmm… somebody talked about “small” changes…

Features Added

Added support for new features
The default book type for DVD-Video is set to DVD-ROM now to get a higher compatibility with playback devices
Added support for Windows XP for AMD64 in 32-bit emulation mode

Nero Express:

Usage of the CD database in Nero Express is simplified
The “Select files and folder window” will now be placed automatically in a position so that the content of the compilation is more visible
Removed the “New project” entry in the “What do you want to do now?” menu after recording if Nero Express was started from Nero StartSmart
The back button of the compilation page is now hidden if Nero Express was started from Nero StartSmart

Nero Wave Editor:

Added shortcuts and tool tips for all buttons in the toolbar
Nero BackItUp:

Added an option to allow rewritable discs to be erased without
Added an option to disable the ejection of the disc after recording
Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express:

When burning UDF compilation that contain files larger than 2GB, the caching will not fail anymore
Fixed MPEG video files decoding problems under Windows 98SE and windows NT
Fixed image transfer problems when using NeroNET
Fixed crash when Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express is started from Nero

StartSmart for erasing a disc and no recorder is installed
Improved the error message that appears if an ultra-speed CD-RW is inserted in a recorder which does not support it
Only show option for DVD compilation if a DVD recorder is attached or expert settings are enabled
Fixed displaying of write speeds if a DVD compilation is selected while a CD recorder is the current recorder
Fixed show DVD compilation only if a real DVD recorder is attached
MP4-file extension is now recognized for (S) -VCD compilations
CD copy options for data CDs have been fixed
New GUI for disc label selection for NeroRobo
Added possibility to choose language and keyboard layout for boot disc created with integrated boot image
Fixed erasing speed problem with certain recorders

Nero Burning ROM:

Fixed slightly wrong calculation of size when copying DVDs
In the hard drive backup dialog, changing the disc type will no longer unselect the partition
The save track dialog will now only save tracks in reverse order for drives that need this behavior
Fixed stability problems when loading a VCD compilation containing a “PICTURES” subdirectory
Fixed incorrect display of drive speed and available space in the cache preferences

Nero Express:

Fixed access to the properties of several selected Video-CD pictures through the context menu
Enabled the main window close button in the disc copy page
Enabled text in the dialog for selecting the (S) -VCD menu
Added possibility to use integrated boot image when creating bootable discs

Nero Wave Editor:

Improved the error message that appears in the “Save Tracks as separate files” dialog if the path is not valid
When trying to save a MP3 file with a bitrate that is different from
the original, the original bitrate was incorrectly kept

Nero BackItUp:

Fixed wrong aspect ratio of the background picture when using a

Japanese system
Since only one session is allowed for DVD-R and DVD+R, display a
message if the user tries to write several sessions
Fixed starting backup on blank CD-RW disc, the disc get ejected and application ask for new, blank disc
Fixed drive locking in case CD-RW disc is inserted and “waiting forodisc dialog” appears
Fixed creating a backup with InCD formatted discs fail when more than one disc is used for the backup
Fixed system reboot when inserting second backup disc
Fixed problem with disc not recognized if InCD is installed and disc is an INCD formatted disc
Fixed incorrect time stamps of files on the CD
The BackItUp system tray icon provided context menu only in English
Improved error message that appears when not enough space is available for creating temporary files
Improved error message that appears when the burn process fails becauseof the recorder or the inserted disc
Not all temporary files were deleted when cancelling the burn process
Improved checking of file presence before the burn process starts
Improved detection of locked drive
Fixed handling of menu keyboard shortcuts
Nero SoundTrax:

Fixed stability problems when using learge audio files
Improved error message when opening a npf file which links to some non-existing files

User defined presents are now stored in a different directory than
Logo has been added in the about dialog
Nero StartSmart:

Fixed translation in Windows XP auto play prop-up

He pinto,

nice work

But where you get that info , i can`t find it on de nero site ??

can you gif a tip :wink:


Originally posted by fastpeter10
But where you get that info , i can`t find it on de nero site ??
can you gif a tip :wink:

Thanx [/B]

“a tip”:

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

Added support for new features
The default book type for DVD-Video is set to DVD-ROM now to get a higher compatibility with playback devices

i try now to burn in and hope that is now a dvd-rom , normal when i burn a dvd video with nero it`s always a dvd+R (i get this info with nero dvd speed) .

My xbox don`t play DVD+R, he can play DVD+RW or DVD-RW or DVD-r so it must be de book type ???

but i burn an disc wit and now it is also a dvd+r ???

Somebody knows a answer ???

Burner was a nec 1300 but now i have de plextor 708 and he has the same problem,
the nec 1100 is a DVD+r(RW) burner & when you burn with this thing de disc`s plays on al my dvd players include the XBOX ???

i have read a story on the site about book type DVD_VIDEO or DVD-rom ?!!!

Thanx for the info

ie burned a dvd video disc with my plex 708a!
no booktype with dvd-rom.

Plextor have said that the 708A cannot change the booktype of a DVD. A DVD+R disc will always be a DVD+R disc even though the software tries to change it to DVD-Rom.

I have had the same problem with my player not recognising DVD+R discs. Yet when I burnt a DVD+R on an NEC 1100 with Nero 6 the booktype is changed to DVD-ROM.