New nero 5.5 virtual drive probs!

i have just installed nero 5.5 preview and one of the questions was do you want to create a virtual drive i said yes now i uninstalled it because it said my trial had expired Problem i now have a extra drive in my computer a G drive (which in fact is my dvd drive) i have deleted it in device manager but it will not go my 2 cd drives are all mixed up now how do i get rid of this virtual drive and revert back to how it should be i don’t want to format as i only did it yesterday!!

If you run the setup program for NeroImageDrive again it will give you the option to uninstall the virtual cd drive. Then restart your pc and voila.

And by the way, I too was told that my trail period had expired. Then I tried to use the Orion keygen for nero and it seems to work if you choose the normal license type serialnumber it generates.

So cheer up.

[Edited by stiggin on 15-03-2001 at 16:29]