New Nero

I just posted the article New Nero

Submitted by: Mark Marques and some others !

New Nero
Available at

Still unknown info about the release.

Seems not to be an official…

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CD Freaks rulez


Anybody have a serial for this version??? 100 % functionally

I’m waiting for the nfo and the serial before updating…

Hope this is something major…

Hope they’ve sorted the underrun problem on sequencial burning of the same image file, I’ve not been able to burn more than 2 copies of an image since version without problems (

I’ve got it and seems to work fine with one of my previous serials from 5.013 wouldn.t use the one for 5.018 just asked again after restart.

In deze minorupdate zijn een paar dingetje verbeterd, te weten:

new recorders: AOpen CRW1232, Iomega ZIPCD-DVDROM, LACIE CDBP-12432S, LG CD-RW CED-81 Matsushita/Panasonic CW-7586, Ricoh CD-R/RW MP7120A, Ricoh CD-R/RW MP7083A
JustLink support implemented e.g. for Ricoh CD-R/RW MP7120A
Corrected selection of write speed regarding loaded CD-R/RW media for several recorders.
Improved reading from source CD using CD-Copy
Improved detection of USB devices under Windows 2000
Fixed bug causing ISRC not being written to disc

Nero rulez cdfreaks rulez… again good news !

Just download keygen from

Nice one iMAGiNE! and nice one CDFreaks too!!!

I used serial for 5.18 and it worked fine

This url woudn’t work …!!!

Yes me again…
alltitle explaining for newbies
go to the nero site (
and then ou can donwload it… it’s called nero50 but is is nero5022 so download it and search allways for cracks serials patches etc…
on :

sorry that url doesnt work (from my message) it must be :

little mistakes can heapend…

greetingz Woutiir

the URL from cdburner doesn’t work (
does sombody has a crack or a URL that does work place it here

Nero is CRAP!!
It ONCE was a good burning prog, but now it’s only CRAP.
It’s full of bugs (sometimes “forgets” to switch the recorder from RAW back to cooked - and only produces coasters till CDRW is reset), it’s unstable and since ver 5.0 ahead seems to have included a little keygen security. This was posted by ZOR yesterday ragarding Nero 5.x:
“Anyway, after the install reboot, the next time you restart, it will call these files and do something in the registry. I don’t know what, but if you register with a keygen it seems to create 25 to 50 extra kernel threads that increase your processor usage to 100%. You can verify this using system monitor. This has an undesired effect of locking up your system and possibly frying the processor and maybe the motherboard.”

Try go to this url for the file Nero and serial: