New nec3500 owner-kprobe scans


I am a proud new owner of nec3500. My liteon 401@811s served me well, but it is time to move on. After some test burns I made, I can say that the drive performs well, but I noticed strange behaviour with verbatim mcc01rg02 -r media. Nero (6.3.10) allowed me 8x burn, so I did it, but during the burn I noticed that the drive had big problems. Maybe 8x burning with this media just isn’t a good idea. To be honest, my old liteon did also very well with mcc02, but biggest improvement is pomsc001002 media. Firmware version is 2.16

Here are old liteon burns. First one is mcc01rg02, maybe the best one I ever made. Same goes to the second scan, mcc02. But look at the pomsc001002 scan, huge difference.


I find that the Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s burn the best on both of my 3500’s - best price at or onsale as Fuji’s (ONLY the “Made in Japan” ones) at Bestbuy-


I burned third mcc01rg20 disc, it looks good now. But, still I noticed a lot of speed adjustments the drives does during burn, and also I am very concerned about buffer level drops when the drive tries to change the speed. Is this normal? I attached my nec with a plain IDE cable, should I go with UDMA one?

This behaviour is quite normal. The pulsing write buffer level you see is just WOPC (walking optimized power control) in action and working. :smiley:
Use “search” and you will find more detailed explanations.

UDMA is not a cable, it´s a drive interface mode, to put it simple.
Read more here

But, there are 40 and 80 conductor IDE-cables. With a NEC ND-3500 you will not note any performance difference using either of those cables. :wink:
Aviod rounded cables though.

Happy burning

Thanks for the info! I ment to say 80 conductor IDE cable, but didn’t know how to say it in English.

I did some more kprobe scans :wink: My NEC 3500 is really superb drive, look at the difference between verbatim mcca01 burned with nec and liteon! Great! First picture is a scan of nec burned disc.