New NEC stats from VSO software

As translator and tester for VSO Software (CopyToDVD) they are collecting write results from every burn that is made with their software. This will result in a database which will soon be released on the Internet. Below you can find some screenshots from this beta-database. Keep in mind that these screenshots will not show all the possibilities of this database.

Hehe. I like the “List of firmware”. Modified firmwares seem to be very popular :wink:

Where si the list of firmwares for 3500 ? =))

See here (also the 2.R8 is in the list!);

2.R8 is number 6 ?? WTF? does half of this planet have 2.R8 and isn’t allowed to share it with the other half ? =)

It’s alphabetical… so maby there was only 1 user…

Ups… my mistake… =)

About success rate, is it based only on “burn successfully” or it is based “Burn and verify” fonction ?

Because you can burn succesfully a dvd, but make a coaster due to high PIE/PIF.

Text from the VSO database:

The following stats are based on real burn report using CopyToDVD and BlindWrite, because of the privacy protection, the data is not grouped and analysed per users, so please understand a few number of bad drive or computer configuration can change the results. RATIO value is a complex calculation between the number of reports and the number of burn successfully completed. Nevertheless a media burnt successfully doesn’t mean the result can be played correctly in a dvd home player, or by a computer devices, so understand these datas need to be understood by expert people. Ratio = 1.0 means perfect result (on a write completion point of view)

And here are the _NEC DVD_RW ND-3520AW stats.

What is the difference between 3520A and 3520AW ? Bulk (OEM) vs Retail I suppose ?

Mister-T: None… 3520A was changed to 3520AW with a firmware upgrade I think when the DVD-R DL burning got supported in the firmware.

Really? I thought 3520AW was just a custom drive string that Dee-27 created…