New Nec Official Firmware 2.19 for Nec 3500

Maybe that’s the one with PIE / PIF testing? :wink:

I bet it is !!

if it has PIE/PIF testing we only need CDspeed to do the test…

Hurry UP…

Where is the new version of Nero CD/DVD Speed =)))

Only difference I see is revision 1.61g for dvd+r media, compared to 1.61 in MadDog 2FC. All the others are the same. Could that be it?

We’ll see… but if 2.19 isn’t the one that will support PI/PIF… which one will ?? =)

MCC 003 still only supported at 8x :frowning:

F/W is dated 31st Jan 2005, but only released a few days ago, how can we be sure this has PIE/PIF support?

it’s time to pray :wink:


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what did you expect?
Just send the request and wait…
In the meantime we can stay with MadDog’s…

Well I guess this is still not THE firmware. =\ I hope I’m wrong.

that’s my thought too…the date is suspicious… :frowning:
And Nec isn’t that fast normally :-p

I hope it will be the next 3520 firmware :cool:

It seems that at the moment this FW is only available on website … no trace of it on or (US) … pretty strange to see it first on as I thought that NEC DVDRW FW’s are developed by :confused: Perhaps the FW development shifted from Germany to Italy or maybe they just take turns?

Nevertheless, this is good news … and hopefully this is THE ONE … maybe someone can take a peek inside to see if there seem to be major differences :wink:

Too bad about the lack of +R/+RW bitsetting!! :sad: :sad: :sad:

Anyhow, maybe not everyone noticed that on the same website ( is also a nice media list (Excel format) available for FW 2.19 …

2.19 - RPC 1 & RipLock Removed

That was fast :bow: Great Job :iagree:

Thank’s alot.

ofcourse it was fast… it’s only open… save… put on web space… post link on CDFreaks =))

so, any idea if this one is really the firmware that supports PI/PIF testing?!