New NEC ND-4550A Firmware 1.07

Here is the new Firmware from NEC, we’ve been all waiting for ! :bigsmile:

Here Is the Firmware

Also listed on but the link is incorrect :confused:


Also available at

I have posted this, because the Link on The NEC Homepage doesn’t work !
They have send me the Firmware to my E-Mail and I upped it for you guys !

The original and RPC1 versions can now be downloaded on our NEC 4550 firmware page as binary files too.

That´s fine, but I´m still waiting for any idea to enable LabelFlash on my 4550. :-)))

If you really wanted to have Labelflash, you should have bought a 4551 drive instead of the 4550.
Even if you crossflashed your drive, you probably don’t have the necessary software for Labelflash.

Sweet update for our 3550A with thanks to Liggy of course after is splendid strategy swapping

does anyone know what changes they have made?

ND-4550A - What will be changed with firmware 1.07?

I leave this stuff up to dee :wink: says their 4551A required firmware V1.07 to enable LabelFlash. I would wonder if firmware naming conventions were a given, if the code simply isn’t active with respect to the same version of firmware for the 4550A? The article I refer to can be found here.

Can anybody send me the RPC1 firmware. Still have troubles downloading from Liggy’s site (get CRC errors in the ZIP files or corrupted files) and I know I’m not the only one :frowning:

No, there is more to it than this. There is additional Drive ID information stored in the drive and the code is not there in the 4550 firmware.

Hi :wink:
Done m8.
Hopefully the second upload will work for you.


What is ‘princo 16x dvd-r’ supposed to mean :frowning:

Thanks guys!

Uh, you are right. :eek:

Seems to be a sign of fear from h3ll.