New NEC ND-3540A firmware release Version 1.03

NEC have released a new firmware for the ND-3540A drive.
V 1.03

The firmware is available in original and FAST versions
You can download it from our website here

Finally! w00t! I was originally informed that it might be released early August.
Glad to see it is finally available for public consumption and with even more improvements over 1.02!

Has the new firmware been patched by you guys yet? and if so does it include better modifications such as supportive of more brands of disc should I wait to upgrade from 1.W5 to this or does it matter? or is 1.W5 Better


DEE-27 is it outrageous to ask for a bitsetting release? I was using your 1.01ebt… :bow:


First burn!

Daxon.AZ2 @ 12x.

First, here is with firmware 1.01

Attached is with firmware 1.03 - Well, it’s for sure not better at 12x…

Modified and bitsetting versions will follow in the next few days. :slight_smile:

thanx OC! have you got compared scans with Verbatim 16x DVD-R, CMC MAG AE-1 and above all Ritek G05 (the real Achilles’ heel of Nec 3540 drive)?

Moreover can anyone show the supported media table of this 1.03?

Sorry, I am really excited!

Very good news indeed, look forward to it’s availibility.
Will it be the much anticipated 1W.6?

Full media table here

RE 1.W6
I would think so, but not for some days. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll patiently wait for it’s arrival, bitsetting is a must have feature for me.

I will too :slight_smile: you guys are great :slight_smile:

Burned at 16x. This ok???

are you using 1.03 with riplock removed?

Yep! Makes no difference on the burn.

i’ll wait for the bitsetting type…

see ya,

55degrees :iagree:

Burned at 12x

This test was done with RITEK ARITA G04 burned at 8x DVD-R how does it look??

Your PIEs are high past the 2 gb mark, but rescan the disc @ 5x and it should look better.

The NEC ND3540 1.03 RPC1 version is available too now.
I’m not sure if a complete bitsetting version will be possible. There are only slightly more than 500 Bytes free in this firmware. It’s enough for autobitsetting DVD+R, but not enough for the complete booktype code. However there are a few routines inside NEC firmwares, that seem to be used for drive calibration and should not be called by any public software. I could remove at least some of these functions to gain some space for my code.
This will however take a bit longer than using my standard code.

With ‘just’ a autobitsetting DVD+R firmware, I’m happy too :bigsmile:

I’m eager to try this firmware, but really need the DVD+R to DVD-ROM setting for my standalones