New NEC ND-3520a Mmore issue and more

I made a big step forward yesterday when I swapper my NEC 1100a for a brandnew NEC ND-3520a.
Burning my first DVD’s and CD-R’s with the original 1.04 firmware goes flawless.
Nevertheless there are a few questions to be asked.

Nero Infotool does not reckognize my Imation CD-R 700Mb and MMore CD-90 (800 Mb).
I don’t experience any problems when burning the Imation discs but it is impossible to use the Mmore 90 min. CD-R’s.
I have patched the drive with the latest LD3520 Beta 2 firmware but that doesn’t solve my overburning problem.

Is it possible that the ND-3520a doesn’t eat this disc ?

My second issue is 3520a related…
Nero Infotool has problems to read the disc ID with this new drive…
Another great tool VSO Inspector has the same problem (result: Blank CD)
Is there any another tool ?




Copy/Paste :
‘Dvd Identifier’ retrieves and interprets the pre-recorded information of all your dvd+r, dvd+r dl (double layer), dvd+rw, dvd-r, dvd-r dl (dual layer), dvd-rw and dvd-ram discs. :slight_smile:

I have problems with indentifying Imation CD-R 700Mb and MMore CD-90 (800 Mb) etc.


then google search “cdr media identifier” and you`ll get this

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that I have Googled for over two hours, reading other forums, faq’s and testing some of the software I found before I posted my questions here :wink:
Any help apprieciated… esspecially on the question if the 3520 supports 90 min CD-R’s and if so, why I can not force Nero to accept this.

Are you sure you enabled overburning in the “Expert Features” tab in Nero’s preferences, so you can at least burn 90 mins?

Yip Herry
I did enable the “Disc-at-once CD overburning” and set the limit on 90m 02s 00frm
What I also did was disabling “Check for correct disc format before burning” (GENERAL tab) and still Nero refuses to start burning the Mmore 90 min/800 Mb discs.

As you seems to have a name in this matter I hope you can sort it out for me.
If you need a blanc of this disc… let me know :wink:

Maybe put the limit to 99 minutes might work :slight_smile:

Too bad :slight_smile: Didn’t work either.

I made a screen dump of the error message. I know that in this example I overshoot even the 800 Mb line :cop: but it is just an example and what’s more important is the size of disc as seen by Nero (Space available on this disc). The CD-R is a 90 min/800 Mb CD-R.

Did you remember to choose the Write Method: Disc-at-once in Nero?

You can only do overburning in Disc-at-once mode, not in Track-at-once!