New Nec ND-2500a Owner Firmware question

Hello all,

Quick question for all of you Nec owners, I just ordered a :bow: NEC ND-2500a from newegg :bigsmile: and I’m wondering what my best options would be as far as firmware is concerned. I need the firmware to be rip speed unlocked and bitsetting allowed for dvd+rw & dvd+r.
I’m not concerned with rpc or DL burning. :slight_smile:

So, my question is, does the official HP 420n v1.28 firmware have what I need? Or do I need one of the TDB HP firmware’s for those two things?
One other question, whats the difference between the TDB HP 420n v1.28 firmware and the HP 520n v2.21? is the 520n for overclocking the 2500a to a 2510a drive?

BTW; Up till 2 weeks ago I was a big fan of Lite-On, but after reading about all of the media problems with the newer Lite-On DVD burners I decided to switch. Now all I need to do is locate a good local retailer for cheap (but good) dvd+rw media. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

I don’t use the HP firmware directly but Herrie’s modded, however the stck HP is AFAIK bitset capable, but riplocked.

I find the explanations of the different 25XX firmwares at quite easy to follow, so try to read it again.

The different drives are the same except the firmware, look at

You know, I can’t believe I actually missed seeing that stickied firmware info post. :confused:
I’ll just have to claim temporary new drive excitement insanity as the cause. :iagree:

Well, off to do some reading.