New NEC 6750 won't read dual layer media



I Purchased a new nec6750a slim line burner for my new HP NX9600 laptop. It won’t read dual layer comercially pressed media (like movies). It reads and burns single layer just fine but just grinds away trying to read dual layer stuff.
I flashed to the latest firmware 2.41. At first thought it was a defective drive and sent it back. The new drive acts exactly the same as the old. It will boot off the burner. For single layer stuff and CDs everything works fine. I have put several burners into laptops and desktops alike and they all worked fine. I’ve even done the solder pin bridging thing. This one is a head scratcher for me. I admit I don’t know anyhting about book type. The scan read the master/slave relationship as 0.1.0. Which would be what? Secondary master?

Anybody got any ideas?


Well, I got one of those adaptor thingies to test this drive on my desktop. It functions perfectly on the desktop.

Any thoughts?


What ever has booktyping to do with that, especially with pressed DL media??