New NEC 3550A (1.06)

I recently purchased this drive, and it came with a pack of Ridata 4x DVD-R DL discs. I attempted to burn Narnia to 2 of these discs, and these discs will only play in the burner. I cannot even get my Samsung stand alone player to play the discs, nor my Polaroid portable to do it either.

Is this a case of these systems not be compatible with these DVD-R DL discs? If so, what the frig is the point of making discs that players don’t support?

What should I do?

Many thanks!

Very few set top DVD players will manage to play a DVD-R DL disc’s. Some manage to play the first layer and fail at the layer break.
If you need DL media, DVD+R DL is far more compatible with set top players.

Also, Ridata DL should be avoided.

Better stick to Verbatim DL. :wink:

Hey guys,

I just upgraded my NEC-3550a from firmware v1.05 to v1.06 and now it seems to read slow, extremely slow.

Did they [B]RIPLOCK[/B] the drive with v1.06 ?
Nothing else changes other than the firmware.

It still burns excellent, and PiPo Scanning still works great !

Hey again,

I ran the Nero CD Speed test, and it did read it up to 12.00x.

I guess the issue is with the other software used, very bizarre !

I’m all good with v1.06 :bow: