New NEC 3540a Burner

Took back my Liteon 1693S and replaced it with a NEC 3540A burner.

I think its running Firmware 1.01 and wanted to know if there are any nerwer firmwares out there.
I’ve heard about Liggys And Dees 1.W5 firmware. Is this safe to use and has anyone used this and had good burns or any issues with the firmware.

Got a few questions about burning in Nero 6 aswell. Also iam using Datasafe 8X DVD-R discs and Nero burning at 8x and the lead-in time is taking about 1 minute. A full burn of 4.35GB DVD at 8X took 10 minutes and extra 10 mins with the data verification, where as my old Pioneer 108 would do it in about 7 mins and extra 7 mins for data verification. Why is it burning so slow, is it the media or the NEC 1.01 firmware ?

DMA is enabled and is in DMA Mode 2 (is DMA mode 2 too low), and the NEC burners is second IDE master and nothing else runs on that IDE cable. System and Nero ASPI drivers are all installed correctly. Another thing i noticed was during burning the used read buffer occasionally drops low then comes back to 100%, why is this. Its like something is running in the background and is taking resources away from the burn, but iam not running anything else at all.

System is:
AMD Athlon XP2200
512MB Kingston PC2700 Ram
OS: Windows XP SP2

Any help why Nero is burning slow and lead-in time is 1 Min+ would be very helpful

Just updated Firmware to 1.W5. Ripping using DVD decrypter is very fast, got speeds up to 14.1 with 9.5 average but Nero is still burning slow. Last burn at 8X using Datasafe 8x DVD-R took 15 mins. I think its only buring at 4X but says its burning at 8.

Help much appreciated

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly as you’ve already found 1.W5 is safe to use
Secondly UDMA 2 is the correct setting
Using AnyDVD & CloneDVD I can’t help with your other questions only as a guide to back up my DVD’s takes 15 min or less from start to end ie: rip / compress / write so burn time less than 6 min

I made an error in my previous post. Its taking 10 minutes to burn Datasafe 8X DVD-R compared 8 mins on my old Pioneer 108. Any reason why its taking an extra 2 mins per burn ?

NEC drives use Z-CLV starting a burn at 4X for an 8X burn. 10 minutes is correct for a full disc at 8X

Thanks for that info, thought I still had a problem. Whats the best media to burn at 12X and 16X and what sort of burn times would i expect from them ?


There are many good media that will birn at 12X and 16X
My personal favorites are YUDEN000T02 and TYG03.
Also very good is MCC004 (verbatim)

For 12X MCC003 and CMC MAG AE1 are good. And Ricohs own branded JPNR02 are good.

12X burn in just under 7 minutes. for 16X around 6 minutes

If you are in doubt regarding the actual burn speed in Nero, try the included reg-hack which will show the actual burn speed, including the speed step upwards as Dee is referring to.

Nero speed (315 Bytes)

Hi, thanks for the hero speed hack.

Ive just tried some Datawrite Titanium 16x DVD-R (TTH02).

I just burnt a full 4.34GB DVD in Nero 6 at 16x and it took 6.57 mins and with the data verification total time was 12:35 mins.

This seems a little slow, i was expecting a burn at just over 5 mins and witht the data verification a total time of 10 mins. Does this seem slow ?. The burns are all sucessful and have a disc quailty of 94%.

We get 16x burns with DVD Decrypter using Yuden 16x (from Meritline). We have not done a quality analysis but the discs play OK.