New NEC-3540 won't recognise any discs HELP!



I got my NEC-3540 burner today and installed it into the external case without changing any switches on the burner. (should i have?)

The burner by Xp fine however, when i put a blank dvd or a audio CD the mouse arrow comes up with a spinning disc but it doent seem to recognise any discs I put in it.

I was wondering what this could be something to do with a master slave switch or something i havent flashed the drivers it cant be that

HELP please???


im pretty sure the IDE drive is set on master (on right hand side) the burner isnt working with anything


I now found that on one copied DVD the terminator the drive recognises the disc within 20 seconds


All my other DVD’s are RiDisc R- Ive tryed it also with Datasafe R- and RW- and doesnt work with them


Try putting the drive on cable select if u are using it as an external one.




seems to be working now on master thnaks