New NEC 3520A making coasters

Just bought the OEM NEC 3520A and it burns cd’s fine at max speed. But I have tried burning DVD-r’s (BenQ 8x) and it makes coasters at least 50 percent of the time-- what is happening is it gets stuck while burning (I am using Nero It will get stuck while burnung at a certain percentage and it just stays there for good- and the burner is still loud while frozen at the percentage. The worst part is the only way I can get the dvd out is to turn my computer off-- otherwise the burn is frozen at that percentage and the burner is still loud. Has this been an issue for others, is there something I could be doing wrong?

I don’t have experience with your particular issue, but it might be worth seeing how different types of media work first before giving up. You could buy single discs of various brands online. Three alternatives you might consider trying are Verbatim Datalife, Taiyo Yuden, and Ritek.

Try some +r’s - some people here have posted their NEC dvdr drives make crappy -r burns but are wonderful with +r media. I have had such experience and posted to that fact - others have disagreed saying NEC’s are fine with -r - I have yet to be convinced, it seems so many do have problems with -r. I care little for it being a manufacturing problem or other - the fact that this often is the case is bad - full stop.

Yours may just be bad and needs returning - but you could try a +r disk - and not cheap crap stuff.

The first thing you need to do is update Nero. The version your using doesn’t fully support the ND-3520 drive. If those are Benq 8X -R they are probably SONY dye. The NEC will try and burn those at 16X which may be to fast for your media. Try selecting 8X as your burn speed in Nero once you’ve updated.

Which model do you own? If it’s the 3520, Dee already mentioned that Nero needed to be upgraded, and from another post, I see you’re still using Nero 5.x.x Maybe that’s why your minus-R’s suck? My 3520 burns minus-R’s great. I’m using nero

Ok-- so I took your advice and upgraded to the latest Nero- and I have noticed improvement that’s for sure- I have successfully burned about 5 disks with no coasters now. However, My used buffer memory and cpu usage are ALL over the place (from zero to 100 for both); and my burn speeds are jumping all over too- from 1 times to 16 times?? One other thing-- I have tried to backup a disk of mine and with my NEC 3520A it fails creating the image - disk READ ERRORS?? This happens in both Alcohol and Nero. BUT I have a Pioneer DVR 108 (on another computer) and it backs up the disk flawlessly-- My question- Do I have a screwy burner? - please advise me on your thoughts since I would like to take it back ASAP if so. Thanx.

Oh and if I take it back- I will be deciding between the Pioneer 109 or the BenQ 1625 (with lightscribe) In the case that my burner is faulty- maybe you could recommend ONE OF THESE TWO, thanx again.

the pioneer 108 / A07XL / 106 are my best readers out of all my drives, especially the 106, which include a couple of LG 4163’s and a benq 1620. Many disks that do not read in the newer burners will read correctly in the 106

Sounds like your drive is stuck in PIO mode.Try switching it to DMA

Could u please explain what I have to do to swith the mode ??

I just called the store and they told me to upgrade the firmware-- Anyone know which firmware I should use?

What he meant is check your burst rate by using CD-DVD Speed in Nero. Remember to put a data DVD into your drive, click Run Test and select Burst Rate. If it turns out to be something less than 23 MB/s (IE: 17MB/s for PIO) then:
Log in with your administrator account, go to device manager and double click on the bus your DVD burner is in (usually the secondary IDE channel) and select DMA if available.

Win9X: Go to device manager but click on the drive itself not the bus. Check DMA tag then reboot.

If it stays in PIO mode then you have IDE driver/hardware problems, which has nothing to do with the drive.

It is in Location 0 (secondary ATA channel) where do I change it to DMA?? I dont see it in device manager under DVD/CD roms??

It’s in the device manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI-controllers.