New NEC 3520 Buffer up and down at any speed

The title says it all… New NEC 3520A Buffer up and down at any speed…
I replaced a 2500 with this 3520A. The buffer on the 2500 never fluctuated more than 2-3 percent. The buffer on this 3520 is up and down at least 6 times on a full burn of 4.3gb at any speed, even 4x. The PC is plenty fast as are the drives and I defrag’d the drive prior to testing. Theres no software running that could be probing the hard drive. Scanning the disc with DVDInfoPro shows no errors on the disc. Is my drive defective ??? Is all the buffer activity normal on this drive ???


This is nornal, please read The Big NEC FAQ

Would you happen to know if the Pioneer and the Lite-On 16x burners do this also ???
It just makes me nervous. Like I said, my 2500 never did this…


The New Pioneer A09 might well do this as it has AOPC, the A08 doesn’t, neither does the Liteon drives.

My 3520 does the exact same thing, But I’ve never had a problem burning any disk @ 12x with ritek G04 or 16x with Sony 08D1. The Ritek burn a full video in 6:40 and 5:32 for the Sonys