New NEC 3520 (badged as a memorex)...These scans don't seem all that great. Advice?

Just got this drive yesterday and have been burning some stuff up. Here is a shot of my transfer test using a Ty T02 (branded as a fuji). Seems decent, but not nearly as good as I was looking for out of this drive. I have flashed it with Liggy & Dee’s firmware and this scan is from that, but the stock memorex firmware gave scans that were slightly worse. I’ve done Kprobe scans using my liteon 411s->811, but they look pretty horrible but I think it’s because that drive is dying.

Anyway, am I making to big of a deal out of this scan, is it a good scan? If not, does anyone have any advice. My system specs are P4 2.53 Ghz, 512 MB of RAM, stable, non-overclocked rig and the NEC is on IDE2 as the master drive. Oh, and this disc was burnt at 8x.

hi ,

the scan showed above isn’t that bad … also if you have burned @ 16x , try to lower your speed to 8x… i had a simular graph with my taiyo yudens @ 16x but i then lowered the write speed and the graph was smooth

edit : sorry didnt read you have written it @ 8x


This was an 8x burn already. That’s why I was a little concerned.

The 3520a isnt that hot at reading over 12x

So I shouldn’t be worried about these scans then? I just wanted to know if it’s usual for this drive or maybe I got a crap one. I can return it to Staples in the next 13 days and pick the Mad Dog up at Comp-USA for the same price if I need to.

Here is a new scan, same settings and disc type. Even worse scan. What have I done wrong?

My Fuji 8x are not that great eather …maybe you got the same bad batch i ran into…the Hub # on mine ends in 1133…I think you burner is fine really
try some more media before giving up on it

my TY02 Fuji’s burned at 12x

Ok, so I took that drive back and picked up a Mad Dog version. Here are my results with that. Are these any good? I know the PIF is good, but am I correct in assuming the PI is pretty bad?

clsA & jonicarter, the 811s cant scan T02s correctly check out my thread here.

but dont worry well be able to scan with ower nec 35** soon.

thanks for the heads up ako

Well this is a scan from an 8x burn on some Sony 8x certified media and it’s even worse. I’m starting to think I need another type of drive. I got better burns on this media with my 811 than I did with the NEC. Am I doing something wrong? I can accept a bad batch of TY, but not 2 different bad batches of different media.

well Joni i’m not sure what to tell you about that last test…
what Sony media is it ?

seems the memorex burner you returned was the better of the 2

It was Sony D11 +R media. The stuff should be burning much better than that. I think this drive is headed back to the store in the next couple of days if I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, and I’ll be heading to Newegg to order a Benq. Hopefully that will produce some acceptable results.

ok I have no experiance with those disc …
i’m totally happy with the 3520 i got from newegg
and maybe i’ll see you their :wink: as I need a new scanning drive to replace my aging 811s and the BenQ looks like the best deal going

In the options try dropping the read spead down to 12x instead of letting it run full out at 16x and see what kind of results you get. As said before the 3520 doesn’t read so hot past like 12-14x… if you throttle it back to 12x you’ll probably have a pretty nice read curve. :slight_smile:

And the differences could be in the firmware versions you are using as well. Also make sure you are ejecting the drive after you burn the disc before running a transfer rate test.

agreed, lower the max read speed to 12x

Isn’t that just cheating though? That seems like it would make it much easier to get a good transfer graph but one that may not be as good for testing.

Run two burns using the TY Fuji media, one at 4X and the other at 16X. Use DVD SpeedTest to shown the burn. The 16X burn should complete in about 6 min. With the 3520, you may see some read jitters above 12X. If the media will work with ALL your DVD players, then you should have a good burn.

Wait another month and there should be new firmware to test the quality of the burn using the NEC drive.

Well, I burned a few more discs today at varying speeds and different brands and they were all pretty much the same as before. I have given up on this drive and just ordered a Benq 1620 Pro so the NEC is going back. Hopefully that will be the last thing I have to worry with. I just don’t have time to sit and watch everything I burn when I burn it to see if it reads ok all the way through in my standalones and if I get scans like I had been getting, thats exactly what I would have to do to know the burn was 100% ok. Thanks to everyone who suggested fixes though.