New NEC 25x0 hacked bitsetting firmware 108v3-2/218v3-2

Herrie, you’re the man. :bow:

I’ve tried Quikee Beta 2 and 3 and I was getting bad burns on MCC 002 @ 8x. The discs ended with dots on them.
I tried with your firmware and everything went fine.
The Transfer Test doesn’t look good at the end but it plays perfectly. I think the problem is with thw firmware I have on The LiteOn 166.

Just tried my first burn with the recently introduced Datawrite Titanium 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1) using 108v3-2 and it burned and read back with no problems, both on the ND2500 and on my old Yelo DVD800 standalone player.

When tried to burn one Prodisc S03 at 8x, Alcohol 120% gave me the following error:

Write Error: LBA 0 Size 16

This only occurred once, I already burned 2 of these discs at 8x, but I think that not every S03 disc allow 8x burning.

Also the PI level at the 8x zone is very high (1200>PI>800). I do not recommend burning Prodisc S03 at 8x, perhaps 6x is the best choice.

Fudjed do you have burn more of these disc, all burn like this ?

eProformance DVD-R 4x. Prodisc S03 Media ID. Ignore spikes, caused by LiteON 166S reader. Burned at 4x, good quality.
Burner: NEC 2500 (1.08v3-2)

Disc from the same batch burned at 6x. PI/PIF levels are higher, but still acceptable.

Disc from the same batch burned at 8x. Not a coaster, but hangs on stand-alone DVD player. The quality at 8x is not acceptable! Maybe another strategy could improve this, but I recommend allowing this media at 6x maximum.

Is it possible to tweak the firmware to write 4x +RW at 8x?

I got the error again trying to burn at 6x:

20:44:34 (G:) _NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A(1:1) - [Write ERROR] LBA: 0, Length: 16
S:KEY - 00/00/00 - “No Additional Sense Information”

Now, I’m getting this error everytime at 6x and 8x. Sometimes I get it at 4x too. This firmware has serious problems. Reverting to the official…

I have the same drive as you (nec2500) and I haven’t gotten that error before. I see your using Alcohol and Prodisc S03. With what I have read in different posts in this forum, I think those are not good disks to burn at high speed. You should be able to burn them at 4x without errors. Try using Nero instead of Alcohol. Remember that the latest alcohol version is pretty old compared to the Nero that is out.


This firmware is supposed to enable 8x support to this media. If the media doesn’t support 8x why enabling it? I see no purpose. My Alcohol version is updated with the latest devsupp and fully supports this drive. My conclusion: Prodisc S03 should not be burned at 8x (neither at 6x).

Just because the firmware makes a certain media able to burn at 8x doesn’t mean your going to get good results. There are a number of variables including the write strategy that your current drive has compared to the one someone else may have. Your drive might not burn good 8x media, but mine might. Also your acohol version might not burn as good as the nero program. Try burning at 4x using different firmwares and just stick to the one that gives you the better results. One good thing to keep in mind, burn the same disk over and over so that the size of the disk is the same on all burns and so that the scans won’t vary a lot. Also my NEC 2500 drive doesn’t like being used as an NEC 2510, so I am using 108v3 firmware and before that I was using 107v2b5. It seems my drive likes the 108v3 for my current ritek R03 media that I am using.


Hello everybody,

on the NEC Site I have seen a Firmware 1.09 for the ND2500A. I wonder if this Firmware is newer (and perhaps better??) than 1.08v3 from Herrie. Can somebody give me some Information about this?



Why, oh why people don’t read anything in this forum? Why people don’t use “search”? That’s THE question…

Well what’s your Problem, Stargate?
I used the search and saw two posts talking about this 1.09 FW. But there’s no comparison between 1.09 official and herrie’s 1.08v3-2.
Official NEC has no 1.08, so perhaps these two are based on the same and NEC just gave it it a higher number due to the rewrite Herrie talked about??


Try both these pages :

As you can see, both firmware uses the same writing strategies, but 1.09 doesn’t support bitsetting and double layer burning.
Herrie, rearranged the media tables so we could overspeed some media.

Thanks for your answer, pladeira.

Herrie says that his Firmware is based on “Mad Dog”. Is that another firmware modder or does that have a different meaning??

Nope, just like TDK and HP are selling rebadged NEC drives, so is Mad Dog.

The Mad Dog referred to here is a re-bagged NEC 25XX drive. A company called “Mad Dog” purchased oem (original equipment manufactured) drives from NEC, then had NEC or someone else modify the firmware to provide for setting the book-type field and then sold them under their own name and warranty. Herrie then modified that firmware by removing the rip-lock (video read speed), made it rpc1 (region free), and then changed the write strategies to support higher (over) speed and or better burning strategies than would be available with stock NEC firmware. By using the Mad Dog firmware as opposed to the NEC firmware, the code for setting the book-type field (called bitsetting here) on +R/+RW disc, was already written. The book-type field can be set on +R and +RW disc to DVD-ROM making the disc more compatible with some older commercial players. The book-type field for -R/-RW disc is pre-written in the disc so it cannot changed regardless of what you may hear on this or other forums. I hope this long winded post helps!
Cheers BW !

Thanks a lot Herrie for the 2500 firmware, seems to work great I had some prb to burn ritek g05 dvd-r on several burners and no burner could burn this media with good results but now it works flawless, the 2500 was standing on the shelf and now its back in operation :slight_smile: