NEW ND-6650A, can't find driver in WinXP but seen in Device Manager!



hi all,
bought a slimline for my laptop and got it yesterday.
I installed the drive last nite in a Iqon Celeron 2.6GHz laptop. the machine has a 30GB HDD and 768MB of RAM. I booted up the machine, the drive is not seen in the BIOS. I go into WinXP Pro and and the Hardware Finder starts searching for drivers. I connect to the web but it cannot find the driver it needs.

I check the Device manager and the item is seen. It is under an yellow question mark and says “DVD±RW ND-665”. but it is still not installed. I check the Windows Explorer and it is still not seen there.
It needs the driver but i can’t find any on the web. the NEC documentation ( ) says that it will be installed automatically. the door is enable to be opened on the drive.

Is there a compatibility issue with this drive and my hardware(laptop)?
any ideas would be great as i don’t want to send it back. :slight_smile:

also, seen this (can put in a link!)


Hi and welcome!

Wrong firmware. Firmware on slimline drives are connection specific.
Just search around the forum…