New ND-4550A Firmware 1.08 / ND-3550A 1.06



ND-4550A 1.08

ND-3550A 1.06


Thanks for the heads-up.
It’s strange NEC USA has the ND-4550A firmware before the European site, as the ND-4550A was never officially on sale in the USA. :confused:


… can’t … keep … up!
… can’t … keep … up!

:confused: :confused: :eek:

Seriously, though- I’m assuming this will be “better” than MD 1.F1/Liggy 1.07BT/IoData 1.29 (after it’s been “Liggified”, of course)?!


Both firmwares seem to be very similar. Built on the same date and containing the same strategy versions.


Which “both” do you mean above?


Since this topic is about two firmwares, they were of course meant when I wrote “both”.


Any chance that you could add the strategy info to the Firmware overview post liggy?


Should be possible to do this sometimes during the next few hours.


Fantasic! Thanks a lot!


Oh. I thought you were referring to my post where I asked which one was best for me. Sorry.


Sorry, after reading it again I can see what caused the confusion. :o



Any idea when full-bitsetting will be available for the new firmware for the 3550? Are the changes to this new firmware worth the update?


No idea, but Bitsetting might follow soon. :wink:


Soon=Firmwares are available now

Be careful however not to use them on crossflashed drives. This might not work as expected.


This is what I have at the moment:

LD4550A 1.X6 (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-4550A firmware)

Is Liggys 1.08 (108bt_rpc1.bin - 1.08 firmware including booktype, riplock and RPC1 patch) better?



I just got the 3550A and see that it shares the same hardware with 3551/4550/4551
I am not really interested in the DVD-RAM functionality but more in Lightscribe function. Wherever I read, it says it’s imposssible to crossflash… right now.

So is there a crossflasher being worked on that will allow that sometime in the near future?

I got a bunch of Lighscribe disks and bunch of home movies that can’t wait to be lightscribed…


The NEC drives supports LabelFlash, not LightScribe. So no, you won’t be able to burn LightScribe patterns with your NEC.


Ok, my bad. I though there were two names for same tech. In any case then, will it be possible in the future to crossflash 3550 to 3551 to enable LabelFlash?


NEC drives (3551 and 4551) can write only labelflash discs. To use lightscribe discs you need another driver from another manufacturer who supports lightscribe (eg: lite-on, lg, etc…)


It’s possible, but you won’t find any information from the CDFreaks forums. You’ll have to look elsewhere since it’s out there. But you may want to search for some comparisons between LF & LS burns before trying to convert the drive.