New ND-3551 Firmware 2.02 and ND-4551 Firmware 1-08



NEC Germany now has the new firmware posted for the 4551


I should have included this in my other thread but its also on the NEC German website.


I hope you don’t mind that I combined your two posts to one thread.

This way it’s less work for me to announce RPC1 and Bitsetting firmwares are available for these drives on our NEC 3551 and NEC 4551 Firmware pages. :rolleyes:

Some of them again might not work on crossflashed drives!


2. The media below will be recognized with firmware 1-08.

DVD+R 16x: RitekF16, FTI 16x 8x: Ritek, UlTran, Longten
DVD+R DL 8x: Ritek, CMC
DVD-R DL 4x: Ritek
DVD+RW 8x: CMC, Philips
DVD-RW 6x: CMC, TDK 4x: MBI, Infomedia
DVD-RAM 3x: Maxell

  1. The writing strategy was improved.


Maybe there is some problem with your bitsetting firmwares for NEC 4551@1.08. when I flashed to 1.08 bt or bt rpc1 version, the nec 4551 can not recognize DVD+R anymore( the light is always on and the drive is not responding anymore),but the original and rpc1 firmware does not have this problem… can anyone assure this?


Try to flash the drive back to what it was before. I clearly mentioned that some firmwares will not work on crossflashed drives and you obviously seem to have one of these.


I have just flashed 1-08bt_orig and then 1-08bt_rpc1 to my NEC 4551.

Both firmwares are able to detect and read a DVD+R with BookType DVD+R without any problem. The 1-08bt_rpc1 version can read a DVD+R with BookType DVD-ROM (I didn’t bother to test this with the 1-08bt_orig version).

So I don’t see the problem you’re describing. :disagree:


Nice news! :wink: