New ND-3540A Firmware 1.F1 / Mad Dog

1.F1 26.09.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.01
CD-RW Version: B.04
DVD-R Version: 1.03G
DVD-RW Version: B.15
DVD+R Version: 1.06M’
DVD+RW Version: B.13
DVD+R9 Version: B.09g
DVD-R9 Version: B.05

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)

Finally - Dee and I already had it for about a week, but we couldn’t release patches for it when it was not released :frowning:

Although the firmware date is newer than 1.03, strategies seem to be slightly older which doesn’t necessarily mean that this firmware is worse… :wink:

i tried to flash the maddog-firmware, but there is always a error: nec drive 3540A not found…
please help, liggy!


The Maddog flash tool won’t flash to a NEC drive by standard, Liggy/Dee etc. would have to modify the firmware to allow it to be flashed, be patient :).

You can load the .EXE file into Binflash and flash the drive this way. But the drive will be renamed as a MadDog drive.

thx, dee,
binflash is a nice tool.

some months ago, i flashed my nd-2500 a to a mad dog 2510. md’s firmware is great (like yours). so i will try the new for my nd-3540 a.

greetz, 55degrees

I also love MadDog’s firmwares. They make bitsetting patches on different firmwares much easier for me.

So, this firmware will work on my 3540 when patched, right?
Because it has older strategies, could it be better then the 1.03 based 1W6? That would be good=)…

Is this firmware good for CMC MAG 01 ?

Why don’t you just try burning a disc yourself?

My First Burn With The 1.F1 / Mad Dog Firmware.
Not As Much Fun As 1.W6 :smiley:

Burnt From An ISO Image.
Scanned At 8ECC

2nd Burn

Burnt From An ISO Image.
Scanned At 8ECC

3rd Burn

Burnt From An ISO Image.
Scanned At 8ECC

will we be able to revert to 3540a after this one?


To post a non-TY or MCC scan for a change :slight_smile:

Maddog 1f1
Ricoh R01 @ 8x

My Nec has always been a very decent performer with my cheap arita bundle, but the score is even higher with my two most recent burns with 1f1 :slight_smile:

Above, a CMC MAG 01 scan was requested. I dunno if they make an “01”, here’s an E01. Memorex branded “8X” media. Slogan stamped on inner ring.

It was burned at full speed (8X Z-CLV).

This is an okay burn for this okay media. I have done better on 1.01 and 1.03 on this media (no slowdowns at the end). My Pioneer 110D makes coasters from this media at 6X (its top speed on this media), so this is a lot better than that by a long shot.

This was done with the NEC-branded version of the Mad Dog media. I think I’m going back to 1.03 (bitsetting, RPC1, fast) though.

Burnt From An ISO Image.
Scanned At 8ECC

Burnt From An ISO Image.
Scanned At 8ECC

This One A Real RollerCoaster :Z

TYG02 branded PLEXTOR.
Burnt at 8x, scan at ECC1.
Not big variatons respect other firmwares!