New nast cd-check please read

I recently bought a wonderfull program call quill3d. IT came with a new cd check rutine. Which not only requires the cd in the drive, but some how picks up the cd key off the cd to check it the same as the on install. (ill get into a bit of how i know that is true.) ok so I say np. ill make a backup with clone cd. As there is no way im goign to have the original iun my drive at all times begging to be destroyed. Well copying goes fine. I put in the copied cd and attempt to load quill3d. IT comes up with the cd key of the application does not match the one on the cd. DO you wish to enter a new cd key. I reenter my cd key get same message.
So next thing I try is to test for a securom security like what is on moo3. I used blind write prigram with twin peak and burned it with clone. I tried speeds 24X wich came up crazier then on any cd ive ever seen. 8x and then yes folks 1x. which produce a graph that look promising. I then burned the cd. WIth no success. it still give me the same error.
When I tried protection id 2.1 only thing it could come up with is. cd-checks. Any help or suggfestions please. Ive never seen such a nast copy protection. I really need a back up of this program. I cant afford a second copy and whith the work i goign to be doing at the samtime i cant risk ahving my orignal ruin half way through the project and having to order another copy from britain.

Well it is probably StarForce. How long is cd-key ? I think 12 or 13 is StarForce. v1/2 is able to burn with Alcohol. v3 is unbreakable now

its 24 chars long the key!!!
ITs some new copy rutine I know this cuzz the release of this program was delayed 30days to get this protection on it!!!

WOW. Are you able to post image when it is asking for CD Key ?

sure np here you go

thats it

Mmh, 24 char key sounds like Vob ProtectCD5, but I am only guessing. Maybe it is something new…(Alpha Rom, etc.)…

It is StarForce v1 or v2. Try to use Alcohol 120%. Yes now i remeber StarForce = 24digits. I have this at home on RunAway CZ.

OK so far no luck.
IN acholhol I got it to work with emulation, but i really dont want to wrok it that way. Anyone have some suggestions. PLease tell me quick steps of any ideas. IM beggin :_(

Copies of Starforce protected cds can only work with emulation.

ok guess it must be starforce then. :frowning: any ideas of thigns coming out to aid in this?