New Napster Version?

I just posted the article New Napster Version ??.

Submitted by: Black-Wolf

We just got this newssubmit and it sounds very intresting…

It seems that Napster has a new release of their lovely program.


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I use Beta 6 anyway, beta 7 is no better at all, just has some shitty “home” window making it slower, so i doubt Beta 8 is much better…

Where can I get Beta 6 from?

Napster is justa a good idea, but needs to be improved, like ading resume support and integrating it with napigator.

Hey, MP|3, i’ve just downloaded napster from the link you gave and the version was the tipical beta 7, not the beta 8 you described.

Sid: Have you tried audioGnome(

It uses the Napster-servers has integrated support for multiple servers (a’la Napigator) plus download resuming and other neat stuff…

By the way, you can use several servers simultaniously…

why not just ask for the MP3’s you want off of usnet?

audiognome rulez!!!

its only sometimes difficult to install…

it loops in a registery mistake (i had to correct it with regmon)


this is 1000 times better then napster!

Ya want Napster v2.0 beta 6?
& type in napv2b6.exe

To the_kat, thanx for the search and file name.

Hey, i agree napster needs to be improved. and audiognome is very cool. BUT what i dont like about AG is that it doesnt display the ping or latence for the songs im wanting to download the way napster does. so sometimes it gets pretty slow on downloads.

I just tried AudioGnome…
The only thing I can say; It RULEZZZZ!!!