New Name / New "look" / New Forum Software

Since the name change AND the new forum software:a
There seems to have been a decrease in forum traffic.

My issues?
A) the new look is very hard to read. (Yeah I can change the text size but it “rubber bands” back to the original settings.
B)The forum will NOT let me stay “logged in” so I MUST do
so on EVERY visit.

So my verdict is: Name change? Ok, but generally “So What?”

New look / new forum software :doh:

Change it back… PLEASE!

I just can’t get excited about visiting a forum that makes my eyes hurt
that causes operational frustration and that I must log into every time.

I can see needing to log in on a “Secure site” but on a discussion forum?



If you haven’t noticed yet, you can change back to one of the older styles. Look at the bottom left of the page. There is a drop down box that probably says MyCE Beta right now. Just select your regular style and enjoy. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to display a thread in the old “lite” or “archive” way where it shows the most recent thread at top, not the latest post on top without displaying the thread until selected. I’ll post the link I used to use to access this forum.

[B][U]CD Freaks Bargain Basement [Archive] - Club CDFreaks - Knowledge is Power[/U][/B]
This was the one I used prior to the one above but it was replaced.
[B][U]CD Freaks Bargain Basement - Lite[/U][/B]

I would usually have to click on a small spot labeled “PDA” and it would sort the threads to most recent on top. They were actually numbered 1,2,3,… with minimal graphics on the page until you clicked on one and then it opened into the regular forum style.

Hopefully that makes sense, it’s 3:30am [I][B]again[/B][/I]…