New "N" Firmwares for old burners?

Anyone know whats up with Liteon releaseing new firmwares for old burners with “N” at the end of the previous firmware?
Such as XY13N for the 20A3P or HSOEN for the 165H6S or KLOPN for 20A1P. All were dated 10/5/09???:doh::confused:

Where do you see these firmwares? On the official site?

It helps to include a link so that folks can know immediately what you are talking about.

OK, I went to the Lite-On site, and see what you are talking about. It clearly says in the description that the updates are to match more media, so that means that they tuned or added write strategies:




You can add the SOWH-1693S to the list.


Same applies to SHM-165P6S.
“Match more media” is Liteon’s standard excuse, so I am not really sure if this is an improved firmware or just a flasher that is more Win7 compatible. :confused:


I just flashed the MS0R firmware for the SHM-165P6S and made a comparison of the firmware dumped with LtnFlash before and after using the flasher. Both firmware binaries were 100% identical. So the only change could be the flasher itself - at least for this drive.