New MusicMatch Jukebox v7.20.1162

I just posted the article New MusicMatch Jukebox v7.20.1162.

Diabolic was kind enough to use our newssubmit to tell us that there is a new version of MusicMatch JukeBox bringing the version number to v7.20.1162.

This version adds mp3PRO features,…

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Thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

Ah, this program aint got nothing. Best jukebox program by a LONG shot is: Media Jukebox v8 (final just got released). They use a bb for support and all the company staff read the bb and react to any complaints/suggestions you have, even the CEO of the company. Name any other company that gives you that kinda support. Plus the program itself is just sooo much better than ANY other I’ve tried. It’s the bomb!