New music watermarking technology already doomed to fail?

I just posted the article New music watermarking technology already doomed to fail?.

As we already reported, SunnComm Technologies is about to release a new watermark technology that can be embedded inside music files to prevent unauthorized copying. The Inquirer website has posted…

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quote: ‘While systems like Macrovision can only be bypassed via a physical device that disables the copy protection’ why? I bypass it using software too (zone selector/remote selector), although I do also have a physical device to bypass macrovision (between both videorecorders). quote: ‘Could a watermark signal be integrated into audio in such a way that it survived not only analog transmission but signal degradation as well’ hmm? I don’t think that’s the purpose. first, you are allowed to record radio anyway, so it’s not a copyright violation, if you record songs from radio and then burn them to cd or whatever. second, I think it’s not intended to prevent copying of analog content. who wants to have radio quality anyway? my ears hurt when I turn on radio. it’s rather aimed at digital copying, i.e., if someone rips a cd, the watermark would be ripped with it. but if you then play the music and record it through a microphone, the watermark would be lost. hmm, I wonder - does this influence in any way music that is transmitted over analog cable radio? I have a hauppauge tv/radio tuner and I have a radio cable connection in my flat, so I connected my card to the radio cable. quality is actually perfect, much better than normal radio one gets over radio waves, even though it’s analog radio cable. I think, because radio cable is analog, the watermark would be lost, while music quality is nearly perfect, because the cable, as opposed to radio waves, lies somewhere below the earth and is not disturbed by weather impact or whatever. So I think this whole technoligy is only dangerous if you try to copy digital contents, but not analog one

Magix Music version 6 provides the filtering without degrading the sound. Yo- Sunncomm back to the drawing boards.

this audible/non-audible “analog” watermarking has me deeply worried. the only watermarking i want is the scratches on my 45 r.p.m. records - i would be disgraced to hear that artists allow thier material to be released with “subliminal” material underneath thier work even if a human can’t hear it - i suppose my dog will probably be driven crazy everytime i listen to a new cd now?

I thought this kind of protection was used on the PSX CD’s, and so far has not been bypassed unless the use of “illegal mod chip”. As you cannot duplicate the watermark :c Greetz The Diplomat:8

As far as I know the watermark on a PSX CD is physically added to the CD. What they’re proposing here is to encode it directly into the audio stream. Therefore it’s quite a different animal here. Then again, I could be wrong.

“I could be wrong on this '“ and feel free to correct me – but I’m not sure how you pass binary data through an analog signal or through the radio” You’re wrong. Ever see closed captions on an NTSC television signal? That’s binary data encoded on an analog transmission. Now a degraded signal may distort the binary data to the point where it becomes unusable, but in theory it could be carried. Of course, the TV signal is much more structured than a simple radio transmission, but it’s really just a question of signal tolerance. Personally, I don’t think it will work the way they say it will, but it partly depends on the amount of data to be carried.