New msn and yahoo taking too much vm

today i was watching vm in task manager properties…i noticed that new msn live and new yahoo messenger are taking too much of memory …
the details are
msnmsgr.exe vm size:30,836k
,mem usage:15,500k,
peak mem usage:40,250k

yahoomessenger.EXE vm size:30,500k,
mem usage:31,200kb,
peak mem usage:40,500k

where as aol is taking quite less memory

its taking almost less then half of memory then yahoo and msn …

i want to know that my observation is right or there is my problems in winXp sp2 ???

I don´t use msn or yahoo message services, but I´m getting 3,300k for Skype

I have the opposite issue: skype make my CPU crazy, and MSN is good

Windows Live Messenger - 32,144k mem usage here. Not causing a problem. :slight_smile: