New MS software distribution policy

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When you “purchase” software, what do you get? …

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This is bullsh*t …

This is bullsh*t …

What the Hell is this, Uncle Bill is sick ! What about Linux ? Its free and faster and you can do the same things like under windows !
Shame old stupid Bill.

they’re digging their own graves. its business practices like this that got the government on their case in the first place.

LOL - Microsoft is bullshit so obviously they are going to be spurting bull shit. Who cares though??? When was the last time any of us actually purchased Windows???
Several years ago or never as in my case. Microsoft are just doing a Sony Job here like Sony did for their game. If you want a copy to use then please just use a warez version seems to be their message.
Good old MS - Promoting warez!! What a liberal bunch of morons!