New MS Edge browser beta

Is there anyone using the new Edge browser BETA based on Chrome?
IMO it’s quite nice, and better than I expected it to be.
I’m not a fan of Chrome. :slight_smile:

How does it compare to Brave ?

(Brave is also using the same underlying chromium source code as Chrome).

I’ve been using the development version of the new Edge since March 2019 or maybe a bit earlier. It very quickly became my default browser. Extremely happy with the functionality and stability. Given the quality of the development version the beta they released should be solid.

Edit: Actually, I’ve been running the Canary channel versions.

I have been using Dissenter for a while now and I love it

I use it as the main browser on my laptop and so far haven’t run into any issue with it. I did find it amusing at the start setting it as my default browser and Windows trying to convince me to switch back to (the regular) Edge. :smile:

This reminds me to give it a try on my main desktop PC. While I like how fast Chrome performs with multimedia websites, I didn’t like its user interface, particularly the way it handled bookmarks in the past.

Haven’t seen it yet Dee.

I use Chrome on my phone and on my tablet but Edge and Firefox on my desktop PC.

@Sean, yes it was the bookmarks that put me off Chrome on the PC previously.

Anyone wanting to try the new Edge can get it from the link below.

I may be an old stick-in-the mud but I have no intention of switching away from Firefox anytime soon. I really disliked the Australis look a few years back and went looking for other browsers then, but I’m now back since I’ve found enough personalization controls to make it look and function the way I want. Basically it looks like Firefox from about 2008 or so, and I’m happy.

I don’t think I can achieve that in any Chrome based browser.

With the exception of Firefox, any differences between all other PC browsers are pretty much just cosmetic.
At least MS Edge used its own engine (love it or hate it). It will soon use the Chrome engine.
I don’t particularly trust MS, and certainly don’t trust Google.
Unlike Kerry, I’ve never been able to like Firefox.

MS moving to the Chrome engine, IMO, means us consumers have less choice.
As I said above, its really getting down to cosmetics. IMO, the new Edge browser is nice to look at, and functions well. The only other Chrome based browser I use is Opera.

Hi Dee… I have tried all the new offerings from MS with the new edge.

Switched to the newest Beta and it seem very stable and as of now I am using it as my default. Like Kerry I do like Firefox but for now I will be staying with the New Edge…