New MPAA chief Christopher Dodd comes out swinging



New MPAA chief Christopher Dodd comes out swinging.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Most know Christopher Dodd as the former Democratic senator from Connecticut. Considering his opening salvo as new MPAA chairman this week however, it's clear the ex-politician wants people to remember him as the guy who saved Hollywood from piracy -- or at least tried. Dodd addressed the importance of movie theaters, piracy's effects on the industry and more in his first speech as head of the MPAA this week.

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It says a lot about the MPAA, and none of it is good, that they would have this scum bucket politician as their chairman.


Maybe if the Movie Industry didn’t pay everyone involved ridiculous amounts of money to act, direct, produce… Plus I haven’t seen a movie out in a long time worth 15 bucks to sit with a bunch of people who can’t shut the hell up. Another problem with the Movie Industry is the lack of new materials. I am sorry but remakes fall under theft in my book. You are rehashing old ideas and have nothing to offer except “The good ol days”. Try pulling your head out of your butts and think of something new. If you need help feel free to ask for it, I’m always available, just an email away. Until then, power to the people and the pirates, fight the power.


Dodd ended making himself un-electable due to his back room deals, suspect loans to himself, engineering the final failure of Fanny and Freddie (together with Barney Frank). This guy is a major scumbag so he is perfect for the MPAA!


anyone think that Democrats were less red hot on piracy than republicans? You’ve been hoodwinked.


[QUOTE=Anton P. Enus;2582811]anyone think that Democrats were less red hot on piracy than republicans? You’ve been hoodwinked.[/QUOTE]

Ah, DUH!!! The jerk running ICE was appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the President, president Obama. His job is to impliment and support the President’s policies, nothing more, nothing less. Many political appointees (after leaving their post) have spoken out against the same policies they implimented for the administration they worked for, although I don’t expect that to happen in this case, he appears to be a devout zelot, with asperations of working for the RIAA or MPAA in the future… There is a lot of money being wasted over this fight, most of it going to Lawyers and Lying, Cheating, Corrupt scumbag politicians. I do appologize for the language, the words don’t exist to adequitely describe a “politician”.