New Mp3PRO codec ready in 3 months

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To compete with new codecs like Windows Media Audio Thomson and the Fraunhofer Institute are working on a new Mp3 codec calles Mp3PRO. The ZiSE of a mp3 file will be twice as…

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YESsss! This is good thing if you have low-speed connection (like 56kb modem) you can download faster mp3 files with same quolity!!!

Yep 192 kbs is the standard these days

now i can put 20hours music on a cd hahahah that sounds damn great!!!

192? too high for normal modem users and not enough quality improvement for the difference. i go for 140 or sometimes 128. if i had some bandwidth, then i’d go for 192

1, u mean 160, right?

I go for 128 too, with my old 33k6. Fucking @home just told it would gonna another three months before they can hook me up. this sux.

Give me 192, with my 128k ISDN it’s done in just a few minutes!

Give me 128, with my DSL-line these files are d’loaded in no time and the quality is sufficient. 192 is a waste of bandwidth. Most of those people telling that 192 is the only right rate to encode cannot hear the difference between mono and stereo

Give me 192, I can wait with 56K modem. People who complain are people who play music with crap and cheap speakers and at low volume !! There is a difference, which will depend on the music you’re listening to.

High quality VBR-mp3s…

thats tha shit 4 me…

(chk 4 more info on how to make the perfect mp3s)

MP3’s encoded @ 256 VBR encoded with LAME and ripped with EAC is the way to go !!

Top quality ! Home made

Yeah … listen to masta_

Dam Lazy asses
I hav a 56k modem and I only go for 192kbps
less than that just soundz to shit to bother…
It takes me usually 15mins to get a 5min song in 192kbps and i cant complain.
i do get cheap internet with no limit, but thats not the point.
Quality takes time…

anything less than 256 is pure shit, the bass is toned down and the sound is too hissy. and VBR!!! we dont need no fucking Variable Bit Rate. want STEADY!!! 256 or nothing. loosers with 33k6 modems, since you dont waste your money on a descent internet connection, then fucking spend the money on music from the stores man!! loosers!

I personaly like a rip @192 kbps done with audiograbber 1.6+Lame codec 3.87

MP3 VBR @ about 180-200 Kbps for me. But we do need the new codec. MP3 algorithm is way old, and CPU’s are fast enough for higher compression. I hope MP3Pro is ready for DVDAudio.

Hehe I think the difference between 128 and 192 is that smaller that I can’t think about that! I have a 4 point surround with 2x80w and 2x25 speakers and it sounds good with 128!!!

I don’t like MP3PRO because he have just buy the AIWA CDC-MP3R (it’s a AutoRadio with Single CDplayer that can play CDA, CDR, CDRW and CD’s with MP3’s), and it’s great !!!

Yé, I have it, the first one in BELGIUM : the AIWA MP3 player for in my car !!!

This MP3Pro codec sounds excellent! Especially if it is made backward compatible with original Mp3 devices.

As for the raging debate about bit rates, VBR, etc?

I agree that ripping/encoding with quality software such as: EAC and LAME is a must! It really does make the difference! While Musicmatch is ok, it can’t compare to the quality of these two dedicated proggies! As for Bit Rate? I personally encode at 192kbps, Full Stereo. Haven’t been using VBR, but from what I hear, it provides a good mix between quality and compression, as it automatically lowers the bit rate for parts of the mp3 track that don’t require high bitrates to sound cd qualityish. I have found that anything ripped/encoded with the EAC/LAME combo at CBR 192Kbps or higher won’t sound any different to the original cd track, even on a decent stereo system.
So unless you’ve got a very high end stereo system, 192 CBR or 192+ VBR is the shit!

sorry, for this very long post!


Can some one tell which which encoder gives the best results: LAME, or Radium’s Fraunhofer codec.

Thanks .