New MP3/WMA player in USB stick form



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 Yakumo is offering a  new MP3/WMA-Player in USB stick form. The USB 1.1 powered stick called  Yakumo Hypersound 256, has a weight of approximately 30 g (without battery) and  is 8.5cm...
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Cool. :slight_smile:


Yeah, now if this thing is getting a bit cheaper, I can save myself an ordinary USB stick :g


This sounds a lot like the Creative Nomad MuVo player that I’ve got. Its basically the same crap, but battery is now implemented directly on the stick, instead of a separate pod like my MP3 player… The idea isn’t original at all… :r


Wow, this is amazing. Now if only Windows targeted MP3 players would support AAC (normal songs, not iTunes DRM files) along with MP3 & WMA.


Ya creative has been doing this for quite some time now, and all the other major players have since jumped on board. Nothing special about this unit. ::


Why do these companies insist on USB1.1? They are just holding themselves back. As soons as I read USB1.1 I just stop reading.


3 reaons not to buy such crap: 1. only usb 1.1 2. its a yakuma and they sux! 3. no ogg support