New MP3 Tunes music service to be DRM Free!

I just posted the article New MP3 Tunes music service to be DRM Free!.

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Interesting. I can’t see any big-name music labels signing up for this service, tho.

Music labels wont agree th this, I know somebody who works for a DRM service, he says the record companies require certain levels of security. :slight_smile:

well if we read right drm may have been cracked so screw the record labels security issue if you pay for it you should be able to do what you want with it

The record companies don’t require levels of security. They require levels of control in order to extort profits. Moore’s Law ain’t on their side. This service is a move in the right direction. There’s more that needs to be done (lossless content at a buck a song instead of lossy content) but it’s a start.
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