New: MP3 CD Burner v1.06

I just posted the article New: MP3 CD Burner v1.06….

A new (new? well released this month…) program for creating audio cd’s from MP3 files is available for download.

Acoustica’s CD Burner features

There is no need to convert from…

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So why use this proggie, if NERO can do it ? :d

Does nero have an ‘automatically raise volume of quieter tracks’ or an ‘trim songs with excess silence in the beginning or end’ ?

ok, I’m convinced, let try it :slight_smile:

Nice features. I saw that Tucows and SoftlandIndia gave a 5/5 rating. Also that you can try out CD Burner for free and create SEVEN CDs without any obligation or restriction.

Just downloaded this prog, and it’s my first time ever using it and i must say this prog is class, easy to use and very useful functions… sweet program i advise peeps who burn mp3’s to use this :slight_smile:

this burner is sweet! The imcomplete feature is totally awesome. wowwy… too bad it doesn’t do data… i wonder what the company can do with that! I must say, awesome prog.

Is there any other program that can make 80 min. cd’s?

ALL hesitant folks, should get this burner at once! Great time saver, I used to use Sound Forge to do crossfading. Now its a snap! Just what the doctor ordered. Five stars for Acoustica!