New movies

how can i get around copying these 2 movies freedomland and when a stranger calls. :frowning:

anydvd + clonedvd2 - has to be paid for /dvdshrink + dvd decrypter/dvd43 - free

dvd shrink and dvd decrypter do not work on new movies.

I would use RipIt4Me to rip with.

you can try ideal DVD copy software, it can compress a DVD to a recordable disk directly. And it can copy ‘Freedomland’ and ‘when a stranger calls’. You may download it from .

You would more than likely do your best with anydvd or ripit4me (these are the two best rippers out). And both should do any new movie including freedomland and when a stranger calls. Keep in mind also that if you use ripit4me you will also need to get fixvts and dvddecrypter. As far as the compression program, whatever you like best and fits your needs.

Sorry I didnt see that this thread was started back in May until i posted.

Still, most DVDs released these days have just ordinary CSS protection.

It depends on where you are. Arcoss/Ripguard DVD’s is probably less quite a bit less than 10% of all DVD’s in the UK.