New Motherboard: Only 1 IDE-Port - my dilemma

So, here’s my situation:
I’ve 3 drives in my system:
1 Plex 755A (for TYG02/TYG03 @8x)
1 BenQ 1650 (for MCC004 @12x)
1 Aopen 1648AAP (for high-speed ripping and TRT)

This combination worked great for me during the last year(s).
Now my new motherbord only provides 1 IDE Port for 2 drives, which means I have one drive to much…

I can’t set my Plex into an external enclosure, as it won’t work there properly (I’ve tried, can’t even reach 8x).
I won’t put my Aopen DVD-Rom into an ex. case, as it would be stuck to 14x max reading. As it is intended to be my drive for 16x TRT and ripping - > not acceptable.
So there’s only my BenQ to play around with -> I need a solution for burning MCC004 12x via USB/Firewire

I see two (three) possible solutions:

  1. buying a Prolific based USB/Firewire-Case for my BenQ 1650 and hope it reaches 12x with MCC004.
    I’m tending to Mapower KC51-C1P

  2. buying a Pioneer 112D and use it in one of my existing external enclosures with Genesys Logic GL811-E 04 Chipset.
    I saw burns here which show that this combination can reach 12x without problems - that would be enough for me, as I don’t burn any faster.
    I would put my BenQ into such a case too (have enough of them), so I could use it for 8x burns (doesn’t go higher with the GL chipset), if needed.

  3. i could buy a Pioneer 212 and use it via SATA
    But the 212 isn’t available right now.

I’m mainly thinking about the first two options.
I tend to #2, as it is cheaper and I would get another new drive :stuck_out_tongue:
On the other hand I’m very pleased with the results I get with my BenQ and MCC004 @12.

It would help a lot to see some scans of MCC004 burned @12x with a Pioneer 112 and scanned in a BenQ @8x (and possibly with a Litey too…)

Perhaps someone can post some scans of this combination here - I would be very glad!

And generally, what do you think about my considerations, do they make any sense?

With best regards,

You could go with a SATA/IDE converter dongle or a PCI/IDE card if you have the slots available.

I would suggest using PCI IDE controller with SiL680 chipset. I own a couple of SIIG SC-PE4B12 and it works great with most of my drives.

In my experience it does not work for (no UDMA mode for these drives):

  • BenQ 1620 and older
  • Plextor 712 and older
  • All NEC drives up to 4570. Have not tested newer NECs.

Works great for:

  • BenQ 1640/50/55/70 and their rebadges (UDMA2)
  • Plextor 716A up to 760A (UDMA4)
  • LG drives (UDMA2)
  • Lite-On drives (UDMA4)

I have good luck with the same card zevia posted. Lite-On 20A1P, BenQ 1655, and 2 PATA hdd’s on it.

Thanks for the answers!
I checked the link, but unfortunately I don’t have any free PCI slot…only two PCI-X slots…

So I’m really down to the options written in my first post…

I didn’t find any which should work for oprical drives, only for HDDs :sad:

Yeah, that is the problem.

Better use the ide controller card path.

What I can’t, because I don’t have any free PCI slots available…and I don’t see any PCI-X controllers around.

I use an SATA > IDE adaptor on the back of my Plextor 716A and also (when I had it) my 20x Liteon IDE version.I had no problems with these (mine use Silicon Image chips) when burning, scanning or flashing.

BenQ dirves dont like SATA>IDE converters and caused a BSOD in windows for me.

Thanks, qwakrz!
But to be honest, I don’t like the idea of loosing hours of time by trying to find a SATA/IDE adapter which finally works with one of my drives.
And I don’t see this adapter-things to be very stable.

My main question - better formulated - is:

[B]What does produce better quality on my Verb MCC004 (@12x) - The BenQ 1650 or the Pio 112D ?[/B]
This would help me make my decision on whether to use solution 1 or 2 (see my first post here).

Thanks again for your time!

I’d suggest you skim through the 112D scan thread (I see you found them). There are plenty of MCC004@12x scans and mostly are very nice. However the official firmware does not support bitsetting. You can use unofficial firmware to bitset DVD+R. If that’s a problem then you may need to reconsider your choices.

Thanks, zevia.
Of course I skimmed through the 112D thread, but most of the scans are done with a Litey and I would wish to see more scans done in a BenQ to compare it with my results - I’m mostly interested in the jitter the BenQ drives report.

I’m aware of the bitsetting “issue”. Buffalo f/w is no prob…though I’ll loose waranty.


Can’t you use PCI cards in PCI-X slots? I heard of such compatibility, but make sure if that may apply to your mainboard.

And yes, PCI-X is something else than PCIe.:wink:


I bought one of these the other day. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. A member here said it works for him. It’s a Silicon Image converter.

Ups. You are soo right, of course…I meant PCIe…I have two of them (PCIe 1x) - both of them not used…

Okay. No PCI, not enough IDE connectors - I’d say, you bought the wrong mainboard :bigsmile:
So you indeed need either an additional controller (I found Delock 89143. but I don’t know what chipset is used, and if it is good with ODD) or try one of those IDE-Sata-converters as already suggested.

Edit: another option might be Exsys EX-3521 (JMicron based) IDE controller (PCIe)