New motherboard help

my old motherboard fried and i just bought a new ASRock K7S41GX Micro ATX AMD Motherboard to replace it… but when i installed it there is no video… there is no picture on the screen or anything… first i thought it was my screen and i let my friend try it on his computer but it didn’t work on his computer either… does anyone know what’s going on?

did you reformat and reinstall windows or at least do a Repair install of Windows? or did you just slap in the mobo and try to boot up from a hard drive that has a HAL layer for a different chipset ( your old mobo)

does the screen have multiple inputs? VGA, DVI, etc…?

ISS… i did not reformat or anything… but how would i do that if i can’t get anything to appear on the screen?

xtacydima the screen only has a VGA input

You say in the first post that you let your friend try it. Are you talking about the monitor, as that is what it reads as? If so and it didn’t work there either then your monitors died as well.

You can’t just stick a new MB in. You need all the MB device drivers, AGP, chipset, onboard video if it has it, and you are using it, and same for audio.

im sort of new at this as you all can tell… how would i install the drivers and everything??

I hope you made a backup of your data. Then you could just reload the OS and data. The MB should of came with a disk that has all the drivers for the board and onboard components. Although you should probably check for updates from the MB manufacturer. If you didn’t do a backup :doh: :doh: :doh: I guess you could put the old board back in and then do a backup. then do as above.

the reason i changed the motherboard is because it fried on me… there isn’t really a way i can gain access to the harddrive unless i take out the harddrive and install it into my friend’s computer… would this work?

If you monitor is in fact good, then you should get a second HDD and load windows on it and start fresh. After thats done you can install your old HDD as a secondary slave and transfer your data from the old drive to the new one. then format the old drive and use it as storage.

im sort of low on cash… is there any way to do it with the currnt HDD??

You can get a HDD for around $40, for $50 a decent one.

Another choice would be to install your HDD in your friends computer as a slave. then use his dvd burner to backup whatever you want to keep. then put the HDD in your computer and format it when installing windows.

eric93se is right, that is probably the easiest way. Pays to have a good backup! :wink: :wink: :wink:

okay… i may sound stupid for saying this… but… i have no idea how to format my harddrive or install the drivers without a working screen… won’t i need to see what’s goin on to be able to do anything?

Have you tried booting from an XP CD? that will tell you if your monitor is working or not.

When you boot from the OS cd it loads basic hardware drivers needed to load the system.

Can you even see the bios screen when you start it up??? Does the fan for the cpu come on???

What exactly happens when you push the power button???

there is nothing on the screen at all… but the fan and everything else seems to be working… i tried booting from the cd too but still nothing comes on the screen…

You NEED to verify that the monitor works!

Worse case scenario, more than just your mobo got fried.