New Motherboard/CPU issues, bad HDD?

Hi, I switch my old MB and CPU for new ones. On start up it would tell me to pick:Windows XP Pro or Debug mode. Then next it asks window xp, last known working, safe mode, etc. No matter what I pick, a loading bar appears at bottom, loads 1/3 of bar then restarts. I figured cause of the new hardware so I did a Repair Install on XP. First time it froze at the saving configuration part, I restarted and then it was able to get past that on the second try for the repair. After it restarted to boot windows XP, I wait for the part to hit no key and wait for it to boot xp. What it does is go blank, show a loading bar at the bottom, loads half way then reboots again. I repair again and it does the same thing. I can’t get to the part to boot xp to finish the install repair to go through windows install.

Am I missing something?
I did a recovery console check disk and it did find some errors, idk what those are or how to find out what they are…

Worst come to worse, I need to either back up the drive or just buy another internal hdd and install windows on the new hdd then switch stuff over?

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Your current Windows installation is configured for your old motherboard and processor, not your new motherboard and processor. You would be best off doing a clean install with another hard drive and copying your settings & such over. :iagree:

Well, I ended up getting ubuntu on a cd, loaded up the OS to backup stuff to an external hdd and then did a fresh install.