New motherboard and .nra files don't work

Hello all. Been quite a while since I’ve been to this forum, but hoping someone can help me out. I am using Nero and have been happy with it. I stopped at this release for several reasons that don’t relate to this issue.

I reciently installed a new motherboard. Since then, my .nra files created on OLD motherboard will not load cd tracks with NEW motherboard. When launch the .nra file, rather than prompting me for the cd which contains the audio tracks for the compilation, I IMMEDIATELY get the message: “some audio items had to be removed because they could not be opened…”

The cd drive has the same letter assignment and all else is the same. If I create an .nra file with cd tracks in NEW motherboard, the .nra file will promp me for the cd as it is supposed to and all work fine. Funny thing is, that if my OLD .nra compilations contained .mp3 or .wav files, it will load those but also give me the above error message.

Hope this makes sense, and someone can help :slight_smile:

                Thanks. Eric

EDIT: Please don’t confuse this issue with post immediately prior to this one. I had the same issue with nero 7 update so went back to and all was fine until upgrade to new motherboard.