New more robust chips for SSD by Samsung and Sun



I just posted the article New more robust chips for SSD by Samsung and Sun.

According to news published at Tech-On, Samsung and Sun are developing new more robust chips to build Solid State Drives (SSD) featuring a higher durability in time.As already known, one of the main…

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I bought a Insigina Plasma 42 " inside is all samsung circuitry This model is a Best Buy brand were as Prima is a Future Shop brand as fate whatever would have it ours were identical in ever way even to the remote size shape button assignment both failed within 18 mouths and as made in China they did not send the modular replacement boards. I don’t suspect this chip old or knew is involved but at $2000.00 it would be nice to have a fix other then the land fill.:bow:


That happens when you buy “cheap”, like Insignia or Prima…