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I was looking for a cheap new TFT monitor for my system as my current 19" Proview monitor is packing up (have to give it a hard slap to get the picture to show up properly) and came across this monitor. Is this a decent monitor for general use? Im worried about the quality of it since its so cheap. Anyone got a monitor like this? any good?

That monitor is the same that Aria Technology are selling, where I just bought mine from. It is a Digimate, by brand.

Apart from the one that I bought having one dead pixel (stuck on white) it is absolutely superb.

For the price it can’t be faulted. The only thing that I have noticed is that it is that bright that both the contrast and brightness has to be lowered quite a bit for it to be comfortable.

The warranty is RTB and not On Site.

BTW I also have just bought this monitor…

Here you go

Again absolutely faultless, and this one has no dead pixels :slight_smile:

Responce time @16ms is not the greatest for gaming
Other things to look out for are resolution, Contrast Ratio and candles/m2 (ie yours is 260 which means that its equal to the brightness of 260 candles per square metre)
contrast ratio your looking for the biggest difference between the first and last numbers …

Maybe it isn’t the best response time but until the TFT industry agree on a common standard on how these response times are interpreted then, to a degree, it makes them impossible to make a like to like comparison. I have played a few FPS games on the above monitor and it has been flawless, just like with my 19" 12ms.
I did have a very good article linked from either Anandtech or Toms Hardware that I will try and find that goes into great detail as to why the response times quoted can be misrepresentative of the monitors performance.
At Tom’s site you can see that this quoted 8ms TFT isn’t all that it is claimed to be…

Review here

Thats good news as i have been looking for a TFT but have been hindered by some having poor responce times not that i play a lot of games anyway…
I will have a good read of that link tomorrow thanks

Well I hope that it is of use for you :slight_smile: I have deliberated for so long before I dcided to buy a TFT and in the last week I have purchased two of them :smiley:

My friends TFT has both DVI and D-Sub and connecting his ATI 800XTPE card to either of those two inputs gives absolutely NO noticeable difference in the picture or the performace that we can tell. So, for me, that told me that to pay a huge difference for a DVI input wasn’t needed.
My Mitsubishi 22" CRT and IIyama 410 17" (now sold) were superb monitors but compared to the flat panels that I have bought they do seem to be second rate.
The LG monitor came with a software colour calibration option that I did try but I have found the colours onscreen represent quite well what I get out of my printer.

Oh and my desk no longer bends under the weight of my 22" giant of a monitor :smiley:

Thanks for the replies guys! Its been helpful. Morgan UK I really like your LG monitor but its out of my price range. I see that you have also got the monitor that I was looking at. Do you think It will be ok for Half Life 2? Counter Strike CS? Is your one dead pixel really noticable or do you have to look for it to notice it?

I had been saving up for a while before we could afford to buy the TFT’s that we did, but I agree the LG is expensive.
With HL2 and games of that sort the Digimate monitor has been great (but I use the 19" LG), although I am not great gameplayer of FPS games I did still try them out but NOT extensively. I tend to play Civ 3.
However IMO the stuck (white) pixel on the monitor is a problem only on dark backgrounds and it is also quite central to the screen in its position. I suppose it depends on the person using it really as to how bothersome it can be. A 17" display can have two stuck (white) pixels and they still would not replace it. For my wife she doesn’t even notice it. For me my eyes are drawn to it, still my eyes used to be drawn the the damping wires on my other monitors for a while. If it is a dead subpixel then it wouldn’t be white and not as obvious.
There is a manufacturer that makes panels that guarantee no dead pixels, but I can’t remember who it is now. Although I imagine them to be more costly.
Aria Technology do that monitor and for around another £20 they do the same one BUT with a 14ms panel.
If you do get one the dead pixel potential issue will be there on any that you go for. So it is really luck of the draw. But I can imagine that you would be impressed with the monitor as I am.

BTW Digimate are based in Manchester, FWIW

Ok I have placed an order for the 14ms panel! will get it this week! (my current monitor has a white line going through the middle of the screen and is shaking up and down quiete fast. Methinks the tube is gonna go very soon!)

…ah so you went to Aria then :slight_smile:
Best of luck with your monitor. Let us know how you have got on. Hope that you have zero dead pixels :slight_smile:
Another advantage for my TFT is that I no longer have to close the curtain during the day time when the sun or daylight is reflecting on the screen. For some reason the TFT does not have the same issues as my 22" CRT did and the screen remains just as viewable in different light conditions.

I got my monitor today and all I can say is WOW! The picture quality is great! It is noticably better than my CRT. At 17" the screen size looks bigger than my 19" CRT. WTF? (My CRT Monitor seller must have been using a dodgy measurement technique).

I do have one dead pixel near the center of the screen and its bright green! grrr! Its not that noticable actually. I only noticed it because I was looking for one. I dont notice it at all during normal use.

Playing games on it is also great! Graphics are great and I dont have any so called ghosting problems. However, when there is a dark bit in a game the dead pixel shows up and you do get distracted a bit.

Overall, I would say this is a great monitor and I would reccomend it to anyone who wants to move away from a CRT monitor. (I cant believe how crappy my CRT looked compared to this)

Hi all.

Can anyone corroborate this statement that DVI input doesn’t make a great difference?


As I had previously posted it didn’t make a difference in either my friends use or my intended use. Whether it would make any difference in colour calibration, photographic or professional use I would not know.
But playing games, or any visual differences in viewed images, added up to nothing between the D-Sub and DVI connections and cables. Maybe some of that was down to the quality of DAC and card that he used that could have influenced the quality…? As you live in the Manchester area then you could pop over to Microdirect and have a look at their TFT’s on display as some of them offer (IIRC) both DVI and D-Sub connections that are on display. But having seen a direct comparison with the same monitor to me it is not worth paying any extra just for DVI.
Hopefully others might offer their opinions.

Hi Morgan.
U havent bought a monitor from digimate ever directly have you? If u have, r they cheaper than MicroD.? Like u said they have offices in manchester and it would be pretty easy for me to go there in person.

The reason I would want to go there instead of MicroD. is because i thought buying directly from digimate mayb cheaper and their website says their versions have 12ms response times. [FWIW i do buy from MicroD. generally because they are very cheap, and I even got my components for my A64 system from them]

No I haven’t bought from Digimate direct and I am not sure that they will offer to sell to you either, although they might be able to help you with a supplier who stocks the 12ms panel.
We could do with replacing another CRT with a TFT panel and, apart from cash, the only reason that I have not done it as yet is due to the lucky dip nature of dead / stuck pixels.
I often use MD or Aria as a supplier as their pricing is excellent and so is their service, in my opinion.

Good luck now also do a 12ms Panel

MD are almost always cheaper than aria aren’t they?

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i got this monitor it went faulty some weeks ago sent it back for repairs thats the last i seen of it, been trying to contact digimate no joy there sent loads of emails still no joy not ever buy from digimate ever again, so be warned if you have to return it

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