New Moderator: TimC



Everyone please welcome our newest member of the staff, TimC.

Many of you will know TimC because of his efforts helping out in many of the forums. So I’m very pleased that he has accepted the position of Moderator of the General Hardware forum. :slight_smile:

Congratulations TimC for this well earned appointment. :clap:


Welcome to the Darkside…I mean, Team, Tim :bigsmile: :clap:

Well deserved :iagree:


Congrats Tim :bigsmile:


TimC is very knowledgeable from his posts that i’ve seen. Congrats to TimC.


Hi :slight_smile:
Another BRIT. :doh:

Yay congrats TimC. :iagree: :clap: :bigsmile:


well done Tim, it’s been coming to you for a while :clap:


…“There are some who call me… Tim?”

ARTHUR: "Greetings, ‘Tim the Enchanter’."
TIM: "Greetings, King Arthur!"
ARTHUR: “You know my name?”
TIM: “I do.”
"You seek the Holy Grail!"
ARTHUR: "That is our quest. You know much that is hidden, O Tim."
TIM: “Quite.”


Congratulations on becoming a moderator, O Tim, and welcome to the Quest for the Holy Grail… uh I mean team! :clap: :flower:


Welcome Tim :slight_smile:


Welcome Tim and congratulations on becoming a moderator. :clap: :clap:


Welcome. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome all. I’ll try & do justice to the role.

I’ve just noticed that I can edit your posts, that could be fun. :bigsmile:


Welcome to the team Tim, well deserved. :clap:

and just make sure that you don’t hit the edit post instead of the quotepost button :wink:

What you mean like this - oops wrong button. :o


A well deserved appointment, congrats Tim.

Oh, and by the way, I recommend Burrrn.


Yes, I wonder just how many times I’ve written this.:bigsmile:


A very wise choice for this forum section. :iagree:

With your knowledge and good/“fingertip” judgement I’m sure we’ll all benefit.
:clap: Congrats to the appointment TimC. :clap:


Welcome to the staff, TimC and congratulations. :slight_smile:


Oh really?

When you go down to the Blank Media forum…be afraid, be very afraid…:bigsmile:

Edit: Nah, seriously Tim, just watch out 'cos the Edit and Quote buttons are mighty close to each other now…:bigsmile:


Good thing for everyone involved is that I can only do it in this forum.

I already went to quote a post & hit the wrong button, going to have to watch that.


See my Edit above, I knew you’d do that at least once…at first I did it all the time :o