New Moderator: Please welcome Terramex

Please give a warm welcome to Terramex, the newest moderator of the Copy Protection forum :slight_smile:

Congratulations and welcome to the staff team, Terramex :flower: :clap:

Welcome to the Staff Terramex, congrats on your appointment , it is well deserved.:clap:

Congratulations on your promotion, [B]Terramex[/B]! :flower:

Congratulations Terramex. :slight_smile:

[B]Congratulations Terramex.[/B]

Welcome to the staff [B]Terramex[/B].

Congratulations Terramex :slight_smile:

Now, speaking about the welcome party… :p:p:p

Welcome Terramex, congrats!

Thank you all very much for that warm welcome!!

Welcome aboard [B]Terramex[/B].

Congrats Terramex and welcome to the team!

Welcome to the Staff Terramex.


Welcome to the team :slight_smile:


Welcome to the team Terramex :slight_smile: