New Moderator: platinumsword



Everyone please welcome platinumsword as our newest moderator of the High Definition Content forum.

Many of you know platinumsword because of his efforts helping out in many of cdfreaks forums. We are very pleased that he has accepted the position.

Congratulations platinumsword and looking forward to your continuing contributions throughout the forums. :flower:


Congrats to the knowledgeable one in HD and the News here plus many other forums here to the one and only > platinumsword :clap:


Thanks :slight_smile:

I look forward to continuing my contributions to the forum.



Welcome platinumsword


:clap: Congratulations. :clap:


Welcome to the team


Welcome and congratulations!




Welcome to the crew, platinumsword :slight_smile:


Welcome :slight_smile:


Congratulations, [B]platinumsword[/B]! :clap:


Well deserved. Welcome aboard, platinumsword :clap: :flower:

Edit: hey that last bit rhymed - I’m a poet and I didn’t know it :wink:


What a great additon to the Staff. Welcome and congrats platinumsword.:clap:


Congrats platinumsword I have yet to venture off into the HD era just yet myself.


Welcome in the mad hous… ehm I mean welcome aboard :bigsmile:


Congratulations Platinumsword. :clap:


Welcome to the team [B]platinumsword[/B]


Congrats and welcome


:clap: Congratulations. :clap:


Yo platinumsword-

Well deserved and a wise and knowledgeable choice IMO-eh!!