New Moderator: mciahel

Please welcome our newest Samsung Forum moderator, mciahel. :slight_smile:

Most of you will know Michael from the the excellent work he does on the forums. He’s always helpful and has lots of patience for member that are new to digital storage.

Congratulations Michael for this well earned assignment. :clap:

Congrats Michael.

A warm welcome to the team Michael.

Congratulations Michael :flower:

Congrats and welcome Michael. :wink:

Congratulations, Michael! Well deserved and welcome to the team! :clap: :flower:

Congrats, [B]mciahel [/B]:slight_smile:

Very well deserved, welcome aboard, Michael - great to have you aboard :iagree: :clap: :bigsmile:

Welcome aboard Michael. :clap: :clap:

Hi :slight_smile:
Cograts m8. :iagree: :clap: :bow: :cool:

Welcome mciahel its good to have you aboard. Congrats.:clap:

Well done / gut gemacht, Michael :flower: :slight_smile:

Contrats …looks like someone is trying to change your name to mciahel

Hi @all :bow:

thanks for the very warm welcome :slight_smile: I’ll try to do my best.


Congrats. :clap:

Don’t worry, we wont go hard on ya’. :bigsmile: Heck, I didn’t even know we had a Samsung forum section.

I never knew either but anyway good luck

Welcome to the team Michael