New Moderator: jwill427



Please welcome our newest DC Team Forum moderator, jwill427.

Many of you know jwill427 from his friendly and enduring posts throughout the forums. He also shows a good combination of communication skills, expertise and enthusiasm especially in our new Distributed Computing Team Forum where we all team-up together for the benefits of humanity helping research into curing critical diseases.

Congratulations jwill427 for this assignment and please join me in welcoming him as a new moderator of the Distributed Computing Forum. :clap:



Congrats jwill427!!


Congrats and Welcome to the team jwill427 :clap: :clap:


Congrats and Welcome to the Team jwill427 :clap:


thanks guys, its an honor to be here and be part of the team :slight_smile:


Congratulations FOMOCO!


Congrats jwill427, and welcome to the team :flower: :clap: :smiley:


Congratulations jwill427 and welcome on board! :flower:


Now, go… feast upon spammers :bigsmile:


[B]Congratulations jwill427[/B] :flower:


Welcome aboard jwill. :clap: :clap:


Good point, he’ll have a banning stick now :iagree: :bigsmile:


Congratulations. :flower:


congrats jwill427 :slight_smile:


Welcome from Italy too :bigsmile:


Congrats jwill427


Congrats 427! I love that number!


Congrats jwill427!

(This is too cool … now we can get away with anything!) :wink:


Congrats ! But I guess you’ll not have to mod any of my threads cause i don’t know what forum your modding :wink: nor do i hardly ever get out of the living room…:wink: so go get em tiger!




To be a mod - seems y’all need some kinda fetish - what will yours be-eh?

(btw - I have the corner on the thong fetish - so don’t try that one-eh!)