New Moderator: imkidd57

Everyone please welcome imkidd57 as moderator of the Newbie forum. :clap:

imkidd57 is already a moderator of the Philips DVD Recorder and Player forum and we appreciate him offering to use his value time to help people and moderate in this forum as well. :flower:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the other staff and members that help out in this forum. Your help is much appreciated also. :flower:

Well deserved and congrats!!!.. :clap:

congrats :slight_smile:

Congrats to imkidd57 and also to all. :slight_smile:

congrats imkidd57 :bow: nice 1 :smiley: :clap:

Hi :slight_smile:
Congrats imkidd57. :iagree: :clap: :bigsmile: :cool:

Congratulations imkidd57, very well deserved. :clap: :clap:

Congrats! :iagree:

Congratulations imkidd57! :clap:

It is nice to see the amount of work you carried out in this section leading up to this point, so your moderator status for this forum is well deserved in my opinion. :smiley:



Kidd rocks :iagree:

Congrats imkidd57.:slight_smile:

As mentioned, really well deserved…I’ve noticed how much time you take in this forum. Big congrats to ya :clap::clap::bigsmile::bigsmile:

Thanks for your welcome, everyone :flower: - it’s nice to be here. :iagree:

I’d certainly like to repeat C0deKing’s thanks to all the others, both moderators and members, who have helped out recently to keep this area a less daunting place for newcomers to post problems.

With such a wide variety of possible subjects appearing here, it’s great to see everyone giving up some of their ‘specialist’ time to help solve what can be simple but potentially baffling problems for the inexperienced members. Patience is definitely something that’s needed, and it has been heartening to see so much of it in this forum.:flower:

Thanks again!


I’d like to add my congratulations as well! :slight_smile:

Well done and well deserved, imkidd57! :clap:

Congrats [B]imkidd57[/B] :clap: :clap: :clap:

I noticed this only now :doh:

no, not too much grappa: too much translations

GRAPPA :iagree: :bigsmile:
Translating from bottle to glass to mouth while eating pizza
Multi tasking

:sad: no grappa, swear!

ok, pizza yes, but I was really translating :iagree:

That stuff is hard to find around here. I had to order some. Two weeks Gee