New Moderator: crossg



Everyone please welcome crossg as moderator of the “Plextor DVD Burner” forum. :clap:

crossg is already a moderator of the General Hardware forum and a cdfreaks reviewer. He has a strong knowledge of optical drives, especially the Plextor and will be an asset to this forum. :flower:


Gee, I get to be first? Congratulations, crossg! No need to repeat C0deKing’s words since I agree with everything he said.


big congrats crossg - very well deserved! :iagree: :bow:


Welcome crossg!


congrats crossg, well deserved :wink:


Hi crossg, welcome to the forum! :clap: :flower:


Excellent, big congrats! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


nice 1 crossg :bigsmile: well done :bow:


Well done crossg. :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Congrats crossmod :doh: I mean crossg. :iagree: :clap: :bigsmile: :cool:


Congrats crossg!

“Twice the Fun and double the Trouble!”


Congratulations crossg, very well deserved. :clap: :clap:


Master!, Master!, Master! :bow: :bow: :bow:

No serious, [B]crossg[/B], congratulations! :clap:

And also everbody, on this amazing forum, by the way :flower:



Congrats crossg! :iagree:


Congratulations! :bow:


Congratulations :clap:


Crosscongratulations mate! :flower::smiley:


Hehe, “crossmod” :bigsmile:

I don’t often come in here, but wanted to offer my warmest congrats to you also. Nice one! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :clap: :clap:


Congratulations crossg! :slight_smile:

Your new role as a moderator here in the Plextor forum is well deserved! :clap:


Hi all. Thanks for the welcome and kind words. This is a great forum with great members (the best IMO) and I am very happy to be a part of it. Thanks a bunch.:slight_smile:

@Mordorr. LOL. The master would be G@M3FR3@K.:wink: